Photo Metadata Conference
"Metadata for Better Business"
5 June 2008
St. Julien, Malta

Site et programme
Organisé par l'IFRA, l'IPTC et le CEPIC

Metadata are critical to photo business by providing important information about the image and by describing it properly. The maximum added value will only be achieved if the metadata are precise and reliable. But how can we apply metadata to avoid ambiguity and misunderstandings among our customers?
The Photo Metadata Conference will demonstrate improving your business through the proper use of metadata:
  • "Keywording versus Controlled Vocabularies":
    What are the advantages for business of the two methods of keyword provision?
    Where can flexible keywords excel and in which cases can terms from controlled vocabularies support your business better?
  • Software support for metadata input:
    Technology should assist humans in their business tasks - and this should also apply for metadata input. But where do current software products fall short of this goal, and what are good examples of input support?
  • Identifying photos:
    Every photographer and photo librarian wants to clearly indicate: "This is my photo". In the interests of copyright protection, copyright owners want unique identifiers in the image helping to locate it on the world wide web. At what stage should these be produced, and what are the options for protecting this information? This session will discuss the issues surrounding the production and use of global identifiers and the registers needed to support them.

The Photo Metadata Conference 2008 will also follow up on what has been achieved since last year's conference:

  • First public presentation of the refurbished IPTC Core and a new IPTC Extended set of photo metadata.
  • A presentation from the Stock Artists Alliance on the use of metadata by the major stock distributors.
    SAA runs a project to teach about and encourage the use of embedded metadata by photographers.

Again in 2008 the Photo Metadata Conference will bring together major players from the photo business: creators and users, from freelance photographers to photo editors of global news agencies; prominent maintainers of photo metadata standards; and the makers of cameras and imaging software.

We invite you to discover how to bring your business into focus by using metadata at the second international Photo Metadata Conference on 5 June 2008, on Malta in the beautiful Mediterranean, in conjunction with the CEPIC Congress 2008.